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Since I was a kid I’ve loved radio, from the classic dramas of X MINUS ONE and I LOVE A MYSTERY to KPFK’S science fiction interview show HOUR 25 to THIS AMERICAN LIFE. My history with radio has been a long one – when I was 18 I recruited three of my friends and wrote, directed and starred in LOBOTOMY a parody of science fiction conventions, films and TV shows (including THE TWILIGHT ZONE!). A year later, this aired on HOUR 25, then was reprised on the same show ten years later. In my thirties I decided that I wanted to be a radio commentator (while I was also writing and story editing network dramas).

I wrote LOBOTOMY and recorded it when I was eighteen, a year before I attended the Clarion Writers Workshop and sold my first story.

The Lobotomy Cast

Lobotomy Cast - (top left to bottom right) Bruce Rawitz, Randolph Lowell Dreyfuss, Marc Scott Zicree, Elliot Chang

Lobotomy starred (in a variety of roles) myself and my high school chums Elliott Chang, Bruce Rawitz and Randy Dreyfuss (cousin of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and JAWS actor Richard Dreyfuss). The version here is missing its last few minutes, where the lead character wakes up to find it’s all been a dream and he’s in a mental institution scheduled for a lobotomy (thus the classic end line, “There’s no place like… the Home!” Sometime soon, I’ll track down the complete version, but for now you can listen to the ninety-five percent that’s here and see where it all began…

I didn’t know anyone working in radio, so I submitted three commentaries entirely cold to NPR’s MORNING EDITION.

A few weeks later they contacted me saying they were buying two of them and wanted more. This began a three-year relationship with MORNING EDITION, during which I wrote some of the most moving pieces of my career (a woman once wrote me that listening to one of my three-minute commentaries she started to cry so hard she had to pull over).

George Noory

George Noory

More recently, I’ve been a regular guest on the BBC and COAST TO COAST, so my audio reach is now worldwide – great fun! My good friend David Simkins (WAREHOUSE 13) and I turned the tables on host George Noory and interviewed him. You can listen to it here.

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