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Just a sampling of the many series I toiled on.  It’s been a fun ride, and continues still…


Early on, I helped Joe Straczynski launch his career.  Some years later, he brought me aboard BABYLON 5 as one of the few writers other than him to write an episode.  The finished version was quite different from the first draft. You can check it out here and see the differences…


During the fourth season I was brought aboard to help reinvent the show and make it fresh and true to its great science fiction premise.  I did a lot of writing on my own scripts and rewriting on others and had just a great time.  My two favorite  episodes are “World Killer” and “Slidecage” (which I shot on the sets of the just-cancelled TIMECOP TV series).  Here’s a bit of cool trivia:  in “Slidecage” there’s a strange little character who lives in the walls and saves our heroine Maggie.  The role was originally written for my friend Armin Shimerman and he agreed to do it, but unfortunately there was a one-day overlap with my DEEP SPACE NINE episode “Far Beyond the Stars,” so he was unavailable.  Nevertheless an in-joke remains in the script, when the character mentions that his favorite show is BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (“not the Disney one, the live action show”) – Armin played Pascal on that series and I wrote the last episode ever commissioned.


I met Richard Manning and Hans Beimler when they were producers on STAR TREK – THE NEXT GENERATION, then they became my bosses on this TWILIGHT ZONE-style show starring Shari Belafonte.  It pre-dated THE X-FILES but had many similarities.  I served as writer and executive story editor and wrote many episodes I liked a great deal, including “Nightfall” (about my mother’s death) and “Asylum” (about a fugitive slave who time-jumps to the modern day).


My first staff job on a network show, I was hired as a story editor and wrote many episodes the first season.  My favorite was “Pipe Dream,” about my relationship with my father (and coincidentally starring Michael Constantine, who was a virtual dead ringer).  I also got to write for Ray Walston, a favorite of mine ever since I saw him on MY FAVORITE MARTIAN when I was a kid.


2009 marked the 50th anniversary of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and there have been many cool events around the world celebrating it.  I’m currently working on the TWILIGHT ZONE blu-ray set, which will have many amazing extras drawn from my collection, plus new audio commentaries I’m recording.

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